Sunday, January 19, 2014

Olympia, Betty, Minnie, Min, Nana

When I was growing up my grandmother was often at our house often. She lived only a few towns away, but would come and stay for weeks at a time. I loved it when Nana (aka Olympia, Betty, Minnie, Min, and possibly one or two names I can't recall) was in the house. She was something else. Funny, loving and had the amazing ability to make each of her 16 grandchildren feel they were her favorite.  She was a good cook, enjoyed cleaning, and when at home or in our home could always be found wearing a housecoat, often times with her heels on. I always thought that funny, the housecoat and heels! I loved her dearly and miss her greatly. When I first moved to Maine, and in my first apartment, I often called Nana to get recipes for some of my favorite Nana dishes. There are 3 things my grandmother used to make that I crave to this day, and the taste brings me right back to when Nana was in the kitchen. Chicken Cacciatore, Chicken fricassee and her simple iceberg salad w/ white wine  dressing. Dinner tonight...chicken fricassee, Nana style!

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