Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Just Like That

And just like that, our life has changed. In mid July my super awesome husband of 23 years was diagnosed with cancer... "HTE"cancer as he calls it,  Here, There and Everywhere. What a game changer. We were blindsided. Ted has always taken pretty good care of himself and always had yearly physicals, routine colonoscopies, you know all the preventive stuff. So we were pretty shocked, I felt like someone kicked me in the stomach..literally could not catch my breath.  I am sitting with him right now in the Chemo room. This is his 3rd treatment... it took us a while to get here...after his first treatment, we discovered Ted was the know, the side effects/reactions that rarely happen and only happen to a small group...Ted happens to be in that group!  
He has faced so much in the past few months...many, many weeks in the hospital, many hurdles to get to this point. He finally came home, where he could heal better and each week he has been getting stronger. He is back at chemo, and although it beats him up, he continues to be positive, cheerful and calm. As a family we have circled he wagons...our children are amazing, we are lucky. We are forever grateful and  in awe of the unbelievable kindness and love we have received from   our community. All the kind words, well wishes, acts of kindness really give us strength. Ted feels the love and it gives him the strength to fight on! 
Which brings me to the purpose of this post. I had a full show schedule thru the holidays, but as you now know, for personal reasons I have withdrawn from them all.  I am so sorry if you came to find me and I was not there. I am so grateful for all my loyal clients, friends and fans. I hope to be back at it once Ted is on the mend. I do have some things in select shops and galleries in Maine. And have continually been sketching and designing new products...When Ted is stronger, and he begins to heal after his chemo is done, I look forward to getting back to making!