Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy Birthday Joanie!

January 8, Joanie's  birthday ( AKA my mom). She loved being the center of attention.  It seems impossible that she has been gone for 3 years now. Crazy how time passes yet I still feel like it was yestrerday that she was just here. I miss so much about my mom, but mostly I miss hearing her voice, her laugh, a giggle really and her sneezes. Nothing is more comforting than the sound of your mothers voice when things are upside down in your world. I miss just calling to say hey when having a bad day. I miss her laugh, such a feminine girly laugh... I do not laugh that way, but she had a distinct,  Joan way of laughing and yup her sneezes, she sneezed like no other. If you can all say along AhhhhhhhhTissue in about 5 octives higher than your natural voice, then you nailed it! Always made me laugh.
I was so fortunate to have such great parents, of course when in my teens I dont think I thought them so cool, but all my friends loved them. And as I grew into adulthood, so appreciated every bit of them. I remember calls to my mom to just say "oh my God, I am so sorry"  about a thousand times when Zaz & T-Moe were babies, toddlers, pre teens, you get my drift. You do tend to appreciate them even more once you have your own. And how many time do I wish I could pick up the phone just to hear her voice? Well every day these past few years. She walked my walk and again I wish I could say "Oh my God, I am so sorry" As I think back to when my dad passed at 50  ( I was 25) I don't think I had a clue how difficult it was for my mom.  She was a strong, funny, kind woman and I miss her dearly.
 One of my last pics with my mom. I had the good fortune to travel with her to was a bitter sweet vacation.

I always thought I looked like Bob (my dad) until I saw this pic... 

Joan  would dislike each one of these, but  I love the stories behind each one... before my wedding, with Eliza after her first surgery and shortly after  one of her many craniotomies

at T-Moes Christening

I cherish the memories.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Auld Lang Syne

"Should old aquaintance be forgot and never come to mind. Should old aquaintance be forgot  for Auld Lang Syne"
I  have never really known the exact  meaning of this song, but I like to think it means remember all friends and loved ones, for old times sake. All those who are gone. All those who were at one time close friends, but are no more. All those that are present now. Remember them,  all of them for old time sake.  Move forward to the new, but always remember the old. So as I move forward to the new year, I remember all those who have gone before me, and all the amazingly wonderful times we shared. 

The wonderful life I was lucky enough to share with Ted.  How very fortunate we were to find each other. Some people never know such happiness. 

My life in Cranford on Cayuga road with my mom & dad, who gave me the gift of laughter and sarcasim, wit and kindness. I am grateful for such a happy childhood. 

My childhood friends Michelle & Michael , so fun, and funny and beautiful and handsome and taken before they could grow into cool, fun, amazing adults. I learned young the value of true friendship.  

My grandparents, Nana & Pop-Pop, she taught me how to enjoy cooking and  how to make people feel special. My Pop, took me to boxing matches and would always remember me and bring me figs and "chinese apples",  from him,  I learned the importance of  thoughtful little gifts.

My Nana D, taught me to crochet and sew and as I was learning from her, I never imagined that I would make a career in the arts through fiber. But I knew I enjoyed the making.  I am grateful to her for opening that door.

Peggy Clausen, the most awesome mother in-law. So gracious, kind, smart and non judgmental. I strive to be like her.

Lina, my dear friend... so smart, way cool, very talented and so tiny! I miss her wise words daily. I hope to one day be as wise. 

Mimi Dornblaser... another  smart lady,  Teds aunt and keeper of all the Hellier scoop! From Mimi I learned the importance of family history and  connectivity. 

Ted Hellier, Steve Onos, Tim Salce, Paul Black, all these fathers, great fathers, good husbands, amazing men. All well loved in their communities, talented men, artists, builders of community, lovers of life. From them I learned how precious life is, how short our time is here and the importance of being present. The effect of doing good, however loudly or quietly you do it.
So as I sit here in this wonderful home that Ted built, wondering what 2015 will bring,  I hope to, be kind, live in the moment, touch hearts, be happy and DO GOOD!
Happy 2015!