Sunday, May 13, 2012

For all the mothers I admire & adore

Happy Mother's Day!
 I LOVE being a mom! It has been the most rewarding, scary, challenging, and awsome experience.
I love this wild ride! I was lucky to have some shining examples of fantastic, loving, caring, nurturing, silly, strict, forgiving, accepting, patient mothers in my life. My mom recently passed away and I miss her dearly. When I was in my 20's I sought her sage advice (she was all of 40 something and I thought she knew all) As she became ill, I still sought her wisdom and though sometimes the advice was jumbled and a little off mark, I still loved that she tried her best to lead me through the storm. With my own 2 children I have tried to incorporate a little of all my mom idols, into who I am as a mom...I am by no means the perfect mother...but neither are the moms I love most. And for that I am grateful, they showed me that we are human, we make mistakes, we love, we nurture and do our very best and yes that at the end of the day if we teach our children Love, Kindness, and Acceptance they soon grow into the most amazing people, people that I want to be around and be like! So Good job all my know who you are and I love you, respect you  and I am so thankful for your love, friendship and help along the motherhood path.