Saturday, May 10, 2014

"Ted Riots"

" The Ted Riots" That is what one of Ted's oldest friends calls this South Portland team. It makes me smile!
It was a well anticipated game last night vs Kennebunk.  For me and many I know,  thoughts of Ted were close to the field.
 I stand in the same spot Ted watched all the games from last year... it gives me comfort and strength and hope and a feeling of closeness to him, knowing many of his best last days were spent here. 
For many the win last night just another High School game. For me... a beautiful sign of a life well lived, as Ted taught many of these boys the game of lacrosse. He shared his passion, he had a great way of communicating with these small boys, who are now young men. He shared his knowledge and  taught them what it means to play as a team and not as a one. Boy oh boy was that evident last night. This team of amazing athletes, awesome young men,  played as a team... no super stars here (well in my book they all are). They all sacrifice for the better of the team. What a beautiful thing when it all comes together. Ted is one proud coach today! And me so proud of all these boys, and so grateful Ted had the opportunity to do what made him truly happy in his lifetime. I wish that for all theses young men.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

No Place like South Portland, I cannot imagine life elsewhere.

Requires Hugging!

Once in a while you are given a gift that is the most beautiful, unimaginable thing ever. Ted, Eliza,
T-Moe  and I were  given such a gift...our friends and community came together to support our family by throwing an amazing party in my husbands honor. There was an abundance of auction items donated from friends far and near. There were items donated by people in our community who we have yet to meet.  Our talented Artist friends donated their talents of beautiful art, jewelry and music. A professional Lacrosse playing friend, had his team of amazing players...(all whom I have never met ) donate signed jerseys, and attended the live auction event via skype. An old college friend donated a portion of his restaurants sales one evening. Friends donated vacation homes, friends & strangers donated baskets of goodies, talent, music time, space.  Friends spent weeks organizing and gathering auction items, cooking, baking, planning an amazing party,  for all to celebrate Ted...simply amazing.
 It is a rare gift in life when a group of folks  who have touched your life and whose lives you have touched, gather together to share that feeling of love respect, adoration and at the same time share strength. We were given that gift and we will be forever grateful for such an amazing experience. But mostly I am grateful that I married the man they all were there to honor. This beautiful event was on a late November evening. How can I ever thank these dear friends, wonderful acquaintances and kind strangers?
I have thought long and hard and the answer, as I believe it, is to simply live like Ted...Be true to yourself, be kind, help when you can, say yes when asked, mentor our youth,  do good, work hard, make friends where ever you go,  live in the moment,  pay it forward, have fun, be silly, and  laugh...a lot!
I know the memories of that November evening carried Ted through some of the darkest days of his illness. I must admit, when I am sad and missing Ted, I think of that night too, and the love and support from all of our friends, family, still, well it warms my heart...but what really resonates with me is the the feeling I had seeing my hubby actually see what he meant to others, such an unbelievable gift,  to actually see the love, touch the love.  That alone brings me such bittersweet joy.