Thursday, March 25, 2010

And their vision a reality

If you think it enough, it will become a reality! Congratulations to 2 of my favorite creative artist pals on the opening of SoPo Art Studios. I look forward to all the amazing art that is about to pour out of the space they are creating. Trunk shows, gallery space, teaching space, amazing classes, collaborations...just some of the buzz heard around the hood.


I love this time of year.

I get to enjoy all the fabulous art work of children participating in PureArtCard fundraisers.

I am ever amazed by the wonderful work the art teachers get these kiddos to produce. A giant applause to all the amazing art teachers out there and their passion for art and for passing it on to all the artists of tomorrow!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Welcome Juan Jose

On Saturday we picked up Juan Jose from the airport. He will be visiting with us for the next 4 weeks. He arrived from Chile, with 20 of his friends for a 4 week exchange program. They are dispersed along the coast of Maine and are all very fresh faced and excited to be here. If you are entertaining the thought of being a host family, I encourage you to do so. The bonds made, from what I can tell so far are long lasting. This is our second year, and the experience for both our visiting child and my family has been quite a wonderful one. My daughter will be visiting Chile in the summer, to spend time with Cami, our Chilean daughter who with us last year. I am just hoping the next 4 weeks do not zoom by as they did last year.