Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So all summer long I have been busy sketching, sewing and producing new work. Here are some bits & pieces. I have a couple of shows in September, then full force in November-December. Check back as I am planning on posting a sketch a day.

Original without color...

Maybe fabric? Or a print?

Summertime Blues

It is the end of August and I must say I am NOT ready for my kids to head back to school. It has been a great, but short summer. Weather has just kicked in and I am not ready for a schedule! Oh well, I guess I still hold onto that childish dream of endless summer.

The shed that Ted built from the wood we milled from out cute, er I mean rugged!

fried pickles...who knew?

I could not identify, buy I like.

Broken thumb, only to be followed by a broken nose. Maybe I am glad summer is coming to an end!

The bird that sat in the nest of eggs, that I never saw hatch, but Ted saw all the little chickadees romping early one morning and then gone!

The boys enjoying the Windjammer parade.

A phone pole that has seen many, many band posters, my 12 year old had never seen such stapled beauty.

Rocks that T-Moe collected for me. Heart them!

The wood I split & the kids stacked, and stacked & stacked!

Our Favorite wee visitor, Sweet Sofia.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Barters Island in the summertime

There is nothing as good as hanging out at the cottage on Barter's Island with good friends & family. I had the pleasure of hanging with the girls this weekend. Some of us have known each other since grammar school. Such a nice way to spend a lovely weekend. Hiking, sunning, eating, drinking and talking til the wee hours. LOVE you girlies!