Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A lovely way to end the year

Welcome Lovely Sofia Olympia! Happy news in our family. My older brother and his wife (yep you read that right) are the proud parents of this amazingly adorable little angel. We were lucky enough to have the honor of being the first family members to meet her. We met them at the airport 2 weeks ago and I have never seen my big bro or Gloria so happy, they were radiating joy. And miss Sofia... she did not disapoint. Both Zaz & Moe were out of their mind with glee. Holding time was fought over the entire stay, which was not long enough. It is so wonderful having a wee baby in the family again.
The other happy news was that my Mom, who has been battling brain tumors for the past 11 years will have a break this year from surgery and radiation, as the new tumors ( yes there are more ) are extremely SLOW growing and her neurosurgeon believes that at the rate they are growing, it should not be an issue (at least for the next few years). Joan, finally can breathe easily knowing that she has no major tumor issues in the immediate future. Way to go Mom.
We ended the year with a flurry of sporting events, Swimming for Zaz & Hoops for T-Moe. Am I the last person to know that basketball is a contact sport?? Check out T's eye after a very aggressive tourney game.
Happy 2009, may you and your be well & safe.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Reckless Abandon

I recently lost my dear friend Lina. I was so lucky to have known her. I attended a wonderful celebration of her life on Sunday. I listened as friends from different chapters of her life got up and spoke about the organic farmer, political activist, organizer, artist, Mother, wife. I did not speak, I don't do that well in public, but if I did I would have shared this story at "toast time". Shortly after Lina got sick a local woman was organizing an art auction to raise money for cancer. I donated a mixed media story collage. Lina went to the auction and said there was a lot of traditional fine art there. Definately not a whole lot of "my style" of work in the room. I got a call a few days later from Lina, with glee in her voice,  letting me know that she was now the proud owner of "Reckless Abandon". She was a fierce friend, always so supportive. I will miss her smile, support and her friendship.  So my toast is to my friend Lina, Friendship & Reckless Abandon.

Monday, September 8, 2008

New Fun

There is a new Arts Festival in town! 
I am participating in the Picnic Music & Arts festival, Saturday, September 13th at Lincoln Park (Congress & Franklin Art.) in Portland, 11am-6pm. There will be over 70 local Artists & Crafters.
I will be showing some new work along with the usual Zaz & Moe fare.
 Hope to see you, come by & say Hi