Monday, August 24, 2015

Empty house, full heart

It's August already...the time has flown by this summer. Big changes on the horizon. My baby leaves for college in days,  and for me that means empty house. I have been in denial a tad. Having my children in the house means never a dull or quiet moment. The silence may be deafining! I am so excited for my boy... leaving Tuesday...the  endless possibilities in front of him. You're welcome Goucher College... he is one special kid... wise beyond his years, smart, kind, funny, sarcastic, easy going, quick whitted, sensitive, empethithetic, athletic, cool and calm and up for anything!
I know everyone thinks that of their child, but this guy... well, he has grown up fast. He was home when Ted was sick, and he has had to rise to occassions no child should have to. He has been a huge support to me, a great diversion for me and a great joy. So my wish for him is to go to MD, enjoy every moment, unencumbered by sickness, obligation, responsilibility and concern.
Go do you. Oh boy! My heart is full...I am so very proud, and honored to be your mom.