Thursday, January 2, 2014


Pretty amazing, every December 31, we get an opportunity for a fresh new start. It's that fresh time again! The beginning of a new year. New, new new. I roll that around in my head  and try to figure out what that means. New, different, strange, unfamiliar, unusual, unique, unlike, unknown, and the list goes on. So here I am, in new 2014. I will be open to new and different and unknown. And hope for awesome and happy and amazing and joyful. I will pray for peace and health and love and kindness for all I know. I will be present, and helpful  and kind to those I know and those I just meet. I will try to  be a healthier me. A good friend, sister, aunt, boss, neighbor and community member. I will take with me the beautiful and hard lessons learned the past 2 years and move into the future a stronger wiser, gentler, more compassionate, extremely grateful, humble and openly emotional person.  I will try to be a bit more mellow like my husband was. I will try to remember to  control what I can, and not stress over what I cannot. I will remember be grateful for EVERYTHING. I will try to ask for help (this is hard for me) I will make time. I will be there, in so many different ways. I will be present, because we can use our words, but like my wise mother told me actions speak louder! Truth! I've seen it in action,  I have been on the receiving end of deliberate and random acts of kindness and love and it is beautiful. So my wish for all I know and love, Peace, Love, Health & Much Happiness and Kindness in 2014 and every year after! 

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Bernadette Papi said...

Beautiful sentiments and intentions my friend. :)
All the best to you in 2014.