Friday, January 1, 2016

2016...Wishing you More

A fresh new year. As always it compels me to reflect on the year that has just zoomed by and think about what awaits in the 2016 wishes are many...

I will start with Peace... More Peace...I am always astounded when I read of acts of terror, senseless shootings and crimes against humanity. I am deeply saddened and wonder how we as a society arrived at this place. How can an evolved group of beings continue to repeat historically bad choices?
I shake my head and pray that we have taught our children well and they stand up, speak up, show up,  show compassion and help move our world in a peaceful, kind, giving direction. I wish for More Peace.

Love...More Love...there can never be enough. Love the one you are with, love each other, that's the way love Is , love is the drug, love hurts, love is a many splendored thing, love somebody, true love, miracle of love, sea of love, puppy love, everybody loves somebody, what the world needs now is love, dedicated to the one I love, sunshine of your love, put a little love in your heart, where is the love, power of love, love train, give me love (give me peace on earth), love hurts, rollercoaster of love, let your love flow, keep it comin' love, love is the answer, crazy little thing called love, do you believe in love , love is a battlefield, the power of love, glory of love, higher love, big love, love shack , sending all my love, love is a wonderful thing, now that we found love, one love. We need more love in this world.

More Give...Give a little get a lot. It really takes just a small act to make a huge difference. If we all gave just a little of it time, money, clothing, food, talent, so many would receive and
those in need would be lifted. When Ted was sick we were given so very much,  from friends, neighbors, starngers. I can tell you that on some of the darkest days, sad days it lifted my family in ways I never thought possible. Everyone needs a little lift now and then. I am a fan of More Give

More Together... spending more time with the ones you love, the ones you like, or  with those you would like to know. Life is too short to neglect the fundamental act of enjoying each others company. Make time,  do it... spend more time together. You won't be sorry.

More Joy... look around and see the little miracles in the every day, recognize the joy. So many things can bring joy...nature, art, a good joke, a compliment, complimenting someone else,  good company, good food, you get me...see the joy, be the joy,  make more JOY.  I have never heard anyone say I am tired of being Joyful!

More Yes.. try it, say yes more. To last minute plans, to something out of your comfort zone, to your child... Yes is so much better than no! I like YES!

More Happy...I want everyone to have more Happy in their lives... I know there is sad and anger and grief, and hard and routine, and lonely. Sometimes life gets ugly, I hope everyone can find the happy through those moments. Find your happy.  I wish everyone  MORE HAPPY!

To a happy,  healthy 2016...I wish you MORE!