Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Some Wee Gifties

 So I have been pondering on what kind of gift you give to friends who have given so much of themselves and so much to us.
I decided there is no such gift. So instead I have decided to make them little tokens of love, hope , power and faith...I LOVE them, I hope my friends will too.
                                                              a little foxy hope
                                                                   Some bunny love
                                                                       tiger love
                                                              more bunny love
                                                             sweet hanging birds

                                                               Hopeful  Bird

                                                               Hopeful Badger

                                                                 Love Bear

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

So Long 2012...Hello 2013

What can be said about 2012.. The timing for fresh and new is just right....Welcome 2013!

Some might say we have had a really crummy 2012, but the fact is, 2012 was a really remarkable year for my family...So much to celebrate. We will not allow one bad diagnosis to define our lives and color  all other events in it. We choose not to give cancer that kind of power and instead focus on all that is good and true. So we raise a glass to 2012, say adios, thanks for the memories, lessons and many, many gifts and blessings. Here are just a few:

Seeing our beautiful daughter Eliza graduate  from High School. It truly feels like just yesterday she was a baby! She began her freshman year in college...played lacrosse in the fall, (hopes to play in the spring as well, and will be walking on for tryouts...she has been working hard for a place on the team).  turned 18 in October...voted in her first election, rocked her first semester, is happy, talented, artistic, and just an amazing young woman...the "perfect baby" is a pretty awesome adult!

Watching our smart, funny, handsome, son T-Moe play lacrosse. As a freshman he was the starting goalie for the varsity lacrosse team...a big deal for him and something he works hard at every day. Such a treat to see  all his hard work reward him by letting him play a game he loves. Hockey...when the
So Po team did not have enough kids to field a team T and 3 of his buddies signed up to play a sport that none of them had ever played before. Nothing better than seeing your child come off any field, ice etc with an ear to ear grin, exclaiming how much fun they just had...priceless. Volunteering to be Santa at the community center's yearly Santa Calling. Ted has done Santa Calling for 16 years, and could not make it in this year to make calls. T-Moe & his buddy Will, without being asked...walked over and made calls for 3 days to children all over So Po. So proud of both these boys. Oh yes, not to forget the driving, T will get his license in a few months too.

A new job, working for  great company, that truly values family. And allows me to be CREATIVE and corporate at the same time. 

Ted feeling well enough to travel with his "Team" to Harvard and watch them play. Stand ( yup, who knew standing was a gift) on the sidelines and coach the group of boys that mean so much to him.

Meeting with Malcolm Chase, a remarkable young man...and his band of lacrosse brothers playing for Ted, whom they have never met.

Maineiax Lax putting together the Medicine games...POWER in Numbers...amazing how a game can bring so many together. 

Living in an awesome community. We had no idea 25 years ago how super South Portland was...we have always been so happy here. We have been so humbled by the kindness, generosity and love from people all over our community, helping in ways I cannot even begin to list here.

Being blessed with the MOST UNBELIEVABLE  friends. We always knew we had good friends, but we have Great, Amazing, Kind, Magnificent, Wonderful, Strong Tremendous friends who have made us realize how very lucky we are. Friends who probably do not realize how much strength we get from them, daily. Just knowing that they are there for us, supporting us and lifting our spirits each day...there is no word yet to describe the feeling...but my cousin Marie may have nailed it...unconditional LOVE...
Not many friends give another friend their own "Stock"....for ever one of the best evenings of our lives, so much love, love, love.

Artist friends...I hope you know how much you are loved. You have been dearly missed this year by me...your talent, insight, intelligence and GIANT hearts. So lovely to be in your circle of  creativeness.

Ted has said repeatedly that he is a lucky man, we are a lucky family. He feels there is a greater message in his being sick...slow down, appreciate the small things...see the good, do good, be relentless, be remarkable. Perhaps his being sick will open some eyes. I know it has opened ours to all the good around us. Just look,'s right there in front of you. We have truly discovered how fleeting every minute is. ENJOY LIFE, every little thing.

Now how can you argue that 2012 was  awful with all the goodness and love that is all around us. So we raise our glasses to you all..may 2013 bring much love, peace, strength and happiness and remarkable things! We begin 2013 with Full Hearts, overflowing actually...Thank you 2012.