Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wishing you were here

Spring 2015, and Eliza has begun her Junior lacrosse year. She is a starting player this year and I am so proud of her. She works hard at everything she does. I wish her dad was here to see her start this year. He loved her like crazy and was so proud of all her accomplishments. He was especially proud  when she decided to quit ballet which she had done for 11 years and play his sport, lacrosse. She played throughout HS and quit midway through  her senior year due to coaching conflicts. She decided to walk onto her college field for tryouts and made the team as a Fresheman. She saw some playing time her first year, and Ted got to see her play. He was tickled. He would be out of his mind that she is starting this year and getting lots of playing time. I know Eliza misses his sage advice. I am no substitute when it comes to all things lacrosse, I am a huge fan, but my knowledge is limited. They would chat each and every morning when he was sick, both early risers, a 6:00 call was always answered "good morning Za Za," by her dad. I know he is watching and wishing he was here.