Sunday, November 30, 2014 more room in this boat!

In the past year, unfortunately,  I find myself not alone. I have had a number of  friends experience the loss of a husband. We are all in the same boat. I have no sage advice. I know although we all have experienced the loss of our husbands, our grief will not be the same, our course steady on, will be inturrupted by conditions beyond our controll,  there is no escaping the storm, just hope we come thru intact, still able to stand.  I also have a few friends embarking on the  the long helpless journey as the spouse of a cancer patient. Again I have no wise words, another unpredictable road ahead, each journey unique to that individual, and to their families.   I can only offer my compassion, empathy, support and hopeful optimism. Just because Ted lost his life to cancer, I have to believe that there are many who survive, will survive...I need to believe this, because if I do not, then why suffer the painful, exhausting effects the treatments produce. I need to know that they will survive! That there are survivors. I pray for that every day.