Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sketch Books

I take them everywhere with me. When I see something that catches my eye, I make a quick sketch and then use it as reference for a more detailed version or I simplify for block printing. Often times I like the quick sketch best. I sketch EVERYTHING! chairs, cars, flowers, cups, kitchen utensils, appliances, faces, plants, trees, animals, bugs...and the list goes on. I sketch at the beach, waiting in airports, Dr.'s offices, for my kiddos after practice, school etc. I always have one in my car, just in case. I am very primitive in my technique, my older brother was the excellent artist in our family. I have years & years worth of books...I still use many of the sketches I rework, recolor, add to new imagery to the old. I have sketch books from high school & college days, my early 20's, I cannot part with them. Some I HATE, some I really don't recall what I was thinking, but when I look at them it's like visual journal of my past & present.
So here is a little look at the past few months and how It works for me.

I loved this great photo in National Geo, quick sketch and a couple of finished images.

Strawberry fields

These great fuzzy, scented flowers were in Mexico

Could draw sea life all day long!

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