Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday after

It is the Monday after the Yarmouth Clam Festival. It was a sun filled show. After a busy weekend it was nice to be up at Peg's Pond House, our cottage on Barter's Island. Our lovely little cottage is in the process of some major renovation (not by choice, but by necessity) Ted & T-Moe were out in the yard doing some serious digging with Big Diggie, I had no idea one had to dig so far down to reach the footings. I was inside emptying rooms for demolition...makes me so sad. When we bought this cottage 8 years ago Ted & I had dreams of retiring's still the plan, however it now seems like it will be a totally different house. The 60 year old home seems to have been built without a perimeter drain. For years our sump pumps have been keeping up, however they can no longer keep up and some serious water damage occurred over the past year. Sooooooooo onward to a new improved Peg's Pond House. I will post photos soon...I forgot camera today! The pic above is of "Casey" also know as "Big Diggie" and " The Other Woman" on her way from South Portland to Barter's Island.

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