Sunday, January 3, 2010

About the process

Happy 2010! A new year means a few new sketch books. I fill many a year. I am often asked about the process. I always start w/sketches. I draw all the time. I have a sketch book in my car, purse, briefcase, desk, bedroom. I am never without one. I take them on vacation, while I am in waiting rooms, train planes & automobiles. I sketch patterns, flowers, houses, landscapes, rain drops, shoes, lamps, mugs, sinks, people, animals. I sketch ideas for new clothing patterns, block prints, card ideas. I sometimes draw as a direct result of a phrase overheard, or a line in a song. A few years ago I challenged my self to a painting a day. It was great, the work...some good, others, well, not so good, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed the process. So in 2010 I will try to share my sketch book daily...weekly. I will let you see whats cooking on the pages of my books.

For my Friend Sue's 50th Bday, I wanted to make her something special. So I start with an idea.

I tighten sketch & add some color.

This is a wedding invite I am working on...

A little color...

This is what I hope the bride & groom are looking for.

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Kendra said...

Yes they are absolutely THRILLED with this wedding invite.