Sunday, February 22, 2009

More hours in a day please!

Vacation week here in Maine. It went by quickly and most uneventfully. I had 2 sick children for most of the week. Needless to say, not much work getting done, but lots of cooking, movie watching and planning our future. As a family we are pretty environmentally aware, we recycle, repurpose, use solar power for our electricity & hot water, drive an efficient vehicle, turn lights out, heat down, sweaters on, buy local.
But we realize we need to do more. We are planning our spring garden. Hoping to grow a good portion of our food and planning on buying locally grown & raised foods. We decided to compost more, learn to can and put up our surplus veggies. So I have been searching for other ways to store veggies, aside from the vast amounts of sauce I make each year. I will be looking for new ideas like this. We will be looking for new recipes to utilize all our garden's bounty. I am so excited, just another reason I cannot wait until spring.

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The Potters House said...

hey, just found your blog. I may get this after all. I took the handmade pledge as well, how did you get the logo?