Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I miss getting ART every day from my children.

At 14 & 11 the days of my children hanging out in my studio every day while I work are gone. My daughter will visit on occasion to make a dress, sew a quick something or chat. My 11 year old guy will come up to make a duct tape wallet, a Funkster (his stuffed creations) or visit with a friend to draw or paint. The visits are fewer & fewer as they age and become more involved with friends & sports. I miss the busy little fingers, the oh so joyful voices declaring how great & special the drawing is and who they would be giving it to. I have boxes & boxes of their artwork. I cannot part with them. And even though I still get the ever-so-cherished handmade birthday & mother's day cards I do miss the daily fix of their creative energy, so GLORIOUS & PURE.

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Suzanne said...

I also miss getting art everyday from my children! That is the wonderful thing about the god children and nephews and nieces that come later!