Sunday, June 3, 2018

6th Annual Ted Hellier Laxfest

Its June...bringing all the feelings front and present.

  It's hard to  believe, yesterday, June 6, was the 6h Annual Ted Hellier Laxfest. A FUN filled day of lacrosse. This Festival brings together hundreds of Middle School and JV girls and boys lacrosse teams. A day long festival,  playing lacrosse for  the love of the game. and the Love of Ted.

The first Ted Hellier Laxfest was in June of 2013... 2 weeks before Ted passed away. He was hellbent on attending the  newly named festival in his honor. It meant so much to him, to have his town and his players want to name a "Fest" after him. Not one for being the center of attention... this was a high honor for him. As I said, he was hellbent on being here on this day. He was quite ill at this time, it took hours for him to get ready to go was a process. He was there early and only able to stay for a couple of hours...he was surrounded by  players past and present, their families and many friends and well wishers.  It was a beautiful thing  to see, and a memory that I hold so close to my heart.

It takes lots of work to plan a fest...the planning for Laxfest begins in January... many hours logged... so on the day after he 6th annual Ted Hellier Laxfest, I am truly grateful for the hard working folks who tirelessly give their time and talent to the game of lacrosse, growing the program and making this one of the premiere Festivals in Maine.
A huge THANK YOU to ...the South Portland Lacrosse Boosters, all of our Generous Sponsors, all of the Varsity team volunteers and their families, all the JV and MS families and their players,  all of the returning folks from teams past, and all the boys Ted coached (and not just lax players) who showed up to say hello and offered to help. I am continually touched to hear stories of how Ted not only coached you on the field and court,  but also taught you life long lessons... it truly warms my heart that he made such a significant mark on you all. And to all the future lacrosse super stars... like my little friend below... may you always have fun and know the love and brotherhood of a bonded team.

Till next year... I hope you all continue to play, and have fun doing it. For the love of the game and the and the Love of Ted,  The Hellier's thank you for your support and passion.

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