Sunday, October 6, 2013

Almost "24 years of Bliss"

We were married on an unbelievably beautiful fall day, peak foliage here, October 6 or 7, 1989...Ted always knew the exact date, I was in the neighborhood. I loved that he remembered our anniversary. In my defense, it was a weekend long event, and I know it is the 6th or 7th, and for clarification I always stroll into our bedroom and look at the lovely needlepoint piece my Aunt Connie made for us (and gave us on our 20th anniversary!). Or refer to the lovely necklace my friend Maggie made for me with the date etched upon it. (October 7. 1989!)

 We would have been married 24 years,  24 pretty great years. We were quite fortunate. We not only loved each other, but we LIKED each other. Liked working together, playing together and spending time together.  Ted would always say when asked how long we were married..."23 years of Bliss"
And I would say "pretty much".

Marriage is hard work, not always easy. When we were newly married we made a deal to fight fair and never go to bed angry, never. And we never did. One of us always gave in, apologized, copped to being wrong or stupid or whatever and we kissed and made up before we went to bed. We also always left the house with a kiss and arrived home with a kiss. What a great way to part and be greeted. It worked for us. I highly recommend it to all my friends who are newly married.
 These days I would welcome a healthy argument with Ted, knowing by bed time all would be well.

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Lisa Eaton said...

Love this post, Sue. Had a nice conversation with Rusty Tipton about marriage yesterday. She said that people always say that marriage is give and take, but it's not. It's give and give. I hadn't heard that before. I love the sentiment. Sounds like you and Ted hit that nail on the head, too.