Saturday, October 22, 2011

Been some time...been busy making things.

It has been a while since I have posted anything...I need to be better at that. I have been busy working on new things for the holiday show season...skirts in warm wooly fabrics, cotton jersey applique, warm wraps in wool , jersey & thermal, sweaters, cards, advent calendars, tiny wool art, ornaments and the like. Here are some of the new pieces I have been working on...all in progress, hopefully done by end of next week!
 I sketch, draw design, sew every day... I have been in the studio 24/7 the past few weeks...with breaks for sporting events and a side trip to Ikea! I need to work out a better schedule, all work and no play makes me feel like I need to play all the more! So I am trying to balance that piece better. Hope to see you at some of the fall can see my schedule at
Enjoy these lovely fall days.


J A Hnat said...

LOVE the birdie blox!
are they on 2x4's?
also need me a skirt with them stuffed olives along the hem (well, maybe a tablecloth would get out of the closet more in my case ;o)

Susan said...

Yes Jude 2x4's from Ted's shop. I love walking thru and "borrowing" his materials. Love to make you and Olive whatever, when ever!

kim said...

Love everything!