Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summertime Blues

It is the end of August and I must say I am NOT ready for my kids to head back to school. It has been a great, but short summer. Weather has just kicked in and I am not ready for a schedule! Oh well, I guess I still hold onto that childish dream of endless summer.

The shed that Ted built from the wood we milled from out cute, er I mean rugged!

fried pickles...who knew?

I could not identify, buy I like.

Broken thumb, only to be followed by a broken nose. Maybe I am glad summer is coming to an end!

The bird that sat in the nest of eggs, that I never saw hatch, but Ted saw all the little chickadees romping early one morning and then gone!

The boys enjoying the Windjammer parade.

A phone pole that has seen many, many band posters, my 12 year old had never seen such stapled beauty.

Rocks that T-Moe collected for me. Heart them!

The wood I split & the kids stacked, and stacked & stacked!

Our Favorite wee visitor, Sweet Sofia.

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Mushi Loola said...

Really, Aunt Suz, "ph"?